Microsoft shutting down game-creation tool Project Spark on August 12

Microsoft has pulled Project Spark from its online stores, making it no longer available for download on the Xbox One or PC. The "game"/creativity tool allowed users to, well, make their own video games as a free-to-play service. The company says Project Spark's servers will be shut down on August 12th, thus removing access to the game's online features.

Players have between now and August 12th to download any user-generated content they want to keep, as well as any of their own uploads that haven't been saved locally. Microsoft notes that anyone who purchased the retail version of Project Spark's starter kit will automatically receive a credit to their Microsoft account.

First launched in March 2014, Project Spark utilized additional content sold as micro-transactions, but then went to a free-to-play model in October 2015. The title saw new assets continually added over 46 content packs, and even featured its own Conker the squirrel game, encouraging players to create their own levels.

Community manager Thomas Gratz noted in the announcement that shutting down Project Spark was a difficult decision, however active development had already ended last fall, when it was revealed that no future DLC would be released. Fortunately the team behind the game has already been moved to other projects at Microsoft, so there won't be any layoffs.

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