Microsoft Sends Linux A Happy Birthday Video

Microsoft has sent a Happy Birthday message to the Linux Foundation, congratulating them on turning 20 years old. The video, created by the Microsoft Germany team and shared on the Linux video site, documents the past twenty years of sniping and rivalry between the two platforms, though suggests that the end for such arguments might be in sight.

Titled "Microsoft vs. Linux" the video shows a cartoon penguin and a geeky looking guy who may well be Bill Gates as they struggle to understand each other. Linux ideas "seemed too childish to Microsoft" the video suggests, as Tux rows across the internet seas and Microsoft watches in blissful ignorance from the shore.

"There is no truce in sight" the video claims, but then follows it with "Or is there?" Microsoft Germany uploaded it with the message "Warm wishes for your 20th Anniversary. Be prepared for your birthday cake :-) " on July 13.

[via WinRumors]