Microsoft says Windows Mobile 7 to land soon

I am not sure how you can count something as confirmed when the company only says soon, but reports are coming in that Windows Mobile 7 has been confirmed for a launch at MWC 2010 in early February reports Unwired View. It also appears that the minimum specs needed for the new OS that were leaked around the web may not be accurate.

Photos have turned up that show an old i-mate JASJAR smartphone apparently running WinMo 7 at 640 x 480. If the photo is the real deal, it must not take much to run the new OS. New minimum specs have now surfaced.

The minimum specs are at least 128MB of RAM, but 256MB is recommended. Minimum ROM is 512MB and the CPU needs to be at least a 600MHz ARM v6+. A 3.6-inch display is not required and WVGA resolution is not required. Also not required to run the OS, but recommended, is a compass and an accelerometer. Now for the real rub here, that i-mate handset pictured above said to be running WinMo 7 doesn't meet those requirements so either the photo is a fake or the minimum specs are wrong again.