Microsoft rumored to be developing its own phone

Rumors have been slowly circulating for a while now that Microsoft might be making its very own smartphone, but nothing has really materialized from those rumors. However, there is now a new report saying that Microsoft is indeed developing its own phone that will run off its in-house mobile OS, Windows Phone 8.WPCentral says they've been in touch with anonymous sources that are saying Microsoft has their own Windows Phone hardware in the works, and that it already exists and is even in its testing phases. However, details such as hardware specifications and launch dates are unknown, but the sources say that the phone's design is "unique" from current Windows Phone 8 hardware.

While Microsoft developing their own phone may not sound like a huge surprise, it actually is in a way. The company has spent a lot of time and resources pushing Nokia, HTC, and Samsung to build quality Windows Phone 8 devices. So, if Microsoft is thinking about doing things on their own, it may show that they've lost confidence in their partners and are giving up trying to improve the situation.

Then again, even if the rumors turn out to be true, there's no guarantee that consumers will ever see the device. It may end up just being an smartphone that's used for testing purposes only and one that only stays within the walls at Microsoft. Either way, we're curious as to what a Microsoft-designed phone would actually look like.