Microsoft reveals five new Surface accessories

Microsoft doesn't just have a new laptop and an upgraded version of its Surface Pro X today: there's also a host of new accessories and peripherals. Aiming to add to your homeschooling or work-from-home desk, the new line-up includes two new mouse options and a new keyboard, among other things.

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard

Whether it's a replacement for a PC keyboard, or an extra input option for a laptop while it's suspended at eye-level on a stand, the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard has all the keys but a minimal footprint. It's designed to be used with up to three devices, with easy Bluetooth switching to cycle between them.

The keyboard itself runs for up to two years on a set of batteries. There'll be two color finishes available, and you get all the usual shortcut features on the function row. It'll be priced at $69.99.

Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

First of Microsoft's two new mouse options, the Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse does pretty much what it says on the packaging. It's outfitted with a soft thumb rest, while there are two customizable buttons for shortcuts to help avoid having to move away to the keyboard so often.

There's a scroll wheel, as you'd expect, and a variety of colors including a fairly eye-searing orange. It's priced at $49.99, but sadly you'll have to provide your own Very Fluffy Cat.

Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse

The second of the mouse launches, the Modern Mobile Mouse focuses on size and portability. Designed to be paired with the Surface Laptop Go for those who want something other than a trackpad but without putting a huge hit on their backpack, it comes in a Sandstone or Silver color finishes and has a low-profile design.

Microsoft Number Pad

Not everyone needs a number pad, as the sheer array of keyboards that leave the dedicated pad off is evidence. Still, for those who do, there's the Microsoft Number Pad. It adds – you guessed it – the familiar 0-9 keys, along with the essentials for Excel and other calc-centric apps. It's Bluetooth connected to make things easier and save a USB port, and is priced at $24.99.

Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter

Fifth and final new accessory today is the Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter. Again, the name doesn't take much decoding: it's an easy way to hook a Windows laptop – such as a Surface Laptop Go – up to an external display, supporting up to 4K resolution. On one end there's a USB Type-A plug; on the other, an HDMI plug. It's priced at $69.99.