Microsoft restores Zune HD page, not axed yet

When Microsoft unveiled its

Zune Pass price drop

with a new splash page showing the service working for PCs, Windows Phones, and the Xbox, the company appeared to have pulled any reference to its Zune HD mp3 player. This quickly sparked reports that it was the end of the road for the device. But not so, says Microsoft, clarifying today that the whole thing was a publishing mistake.

The Zune HD product page has since been restored but despite its reappearance and Microsoft's clarification, references to the Zune HD are still missing from the

Zune music pass page

, where it had initially appeared as shown in this

cached page

. Either way, it seems like the struggling Zune HD will soon face a similar fate as the original Zune hardware that got discontinued earlier this year.

Surely the Zune HD wouldn't be missed too much as the hardware has seen nary an update in the last two years along with plenty of price drops. Microsoft looks like its ready to phase out the dedicated mp3 devices in favor of its new Windows Phones. The company has recently announced

porting Zune apps

to the Windows Phone platform.