Microsoft Reports DRM Issues With 360 DLC Are Getting Resolved

We've all heard horror stories about the Xbox 360's RRoD. Hopefully you've never had to experience this issue yourself, but if you have, you may have had bigger issues than just trying to get it fixed. In fact, Microsoft has made it much easier to get your 360 repaired, however, if your console gets replaced with a brand new one, you may have found it difficult to play downloaded content.

Sure, you can re-download your content, however, when you attempt to play offline, or with a different Gamertag on the console, you're going to run into issues. Or at least that has been the case up until now.

Apparently Microsoft is informing some customers that their DRM issues have been resolved and that you should be able to access your DLC on your new console without any issues. My original 360 is still chugging along just fine, so I can't say that I've experienced this problem. Any of you guys with replaced consoles able to confirm this?

[via Consumerist]