Microsoft reportedly to merge Windows Store and Windows Phone Store into single offering

Microsoft will reportedly merge its Windows Store and Windows Phone Store into a unified app store, something that has been anticipated for a while now. While details are sparse, the sources who provided the information say it was made in an announcement to Microsoft employees earlier today by Microsoft's operating systems group's head Terry Myserson.

This information comes from sources who spoke to the folks over at The Verge, with the single store being targeted with the next releases of Windows Phone and Windows. Unfortunately, these individuals say that more details weren't provided, however, leaving a bunch of open-ended questions that do not presently have an answer.

How the unified Windows Store will function is unknown, and the news leaves many wondering if this means Windows Phone apps will be available for use on Windows, perhaps being scaled up for the larger screens in a way that Apple users will be familiar with. Such is speculation at this point, however, and Microsoft has not confirmed that it plans to merge its stores.

Back in March, the Window Store hit its 50,000 apps milestone, with that month representing the first month in quite a while that Microsoft saw an increase in app development. Between November 2012 and March of 2013, the Windows Store saw a steep drop in app development, hitting its low in February. We'll keep you updated as more info surfaces.

SOURCE: The Verge