Microsoft rebrands yet again with "Modern UI Style"

Yesterday we heard word that Microsoft was ditching the Metro branding for UI design and elements within Windows 8, replacing it instead with "Windows 8 design." It looks like the company might still be at odds as to the final naming decision, with Microsoft employees reportedly using the term "Modern UI design" in reference to Windows 8 apps and design language.

Several upcoming Microsoft events relating to Windows 8 and Bing maps reference "modern UI design" and "modern UI style" instead of Metro or Windows 8 design. The move is sure to confuse consumers and developers alike, and we're curious as to why Microsoft hasn't simply come out on the issue and finalized the correct terminology.

Whatever branding Microsoft arrivesat will extend to Windows Phone 8 as well, as the mobile operating system shares the same design language as the full blown desktop operating system. The company reportedly moved away from the Metro branding due to potential legal troubles. A German company by the name of Metro AG apparently took issue with Microsoft's use of the Metro terminology, prompting the company to change the branding internally.

Lenovo recently updated its own marketing materials to reflect the change, with an image for its recently announced ThinkPad Tablet 2 referencing "desktop and Windows 8 apps" instead of Metro apps. Microsoft hasn't officially commented on any of the changes just yet, but with the launch of Windows 8 in October drawing closer, the issue will most likely be put to rest sooner rather than later.

[via The Verge]