Microsoft Providing Plenty of Incentives for Developers to Switch to Windows Phone 7

This actually isn't the first time we've heard about Microsoft going out of their way to make sure that a current platform, or a platform they're intending to launch, has all of their bases covered. Back in August of last year, we heard rumors that Microsoft was giving developers money to leave their current platforms of choice, and bring their products over to the Zune HD. Now, and over the last couple of weeks, we've heard rumors that Microsoft was doing the same thing for their upcoming Windows Phone 7. And apparently it's all true.

According to Microsoft Director Todd Brix, we can now safely say that it's been confirmed that Microsoft is indeed providing incentives (more than just cash), to get developers excited about Windows Phone 7. Not just excited, but to actually develop for the upcoming mobile Operating System. Not only is cold hard cash being tossed around, but so are free test handsets and development tools. Basically, everything a developer would need to get off the ground running with Windows Phone.

Sure, it may not be the best option for Microsoft to tackle. Many folks would probably consider it unethical. But, let's be fair — those developers can still develop for their "preferred" platform, too. Unless Microsoft is explicitly saying they can't, then that would probably be another story altogether. We can see where, if Microsoft is giving these folks money, then it might get shady, but free handsets and tools? That's just a company trying to make sure that they've got some applications people actually want when the devices launch later this year. And while they've got Xbox LIVE and Arcade to bolster their mobile gaming platform, it takes more than just games to be king of the app market.

[via Engadget]