Apple App Developers Being Bribed to Trade Over to the Microsoft Zune HD?

One of the reasons the iPhone and iPod Touch are so popular, is because of the hefty App Store. There has been some significant conversations out on the web about whether or not mobile media devices releasing from this point on will survive in the market without having their own version of Apple's App Store, and now that Microsoft's Zune HD is on the precipice of release, people are wondering whether or not the Zune HD can move on from being just another Personal Music Player (PMP), and navigate into the lucrative world of mobile media.

And it looks like Microsoft might be wondering the same thing. According to one iPhone developer, who manufactures an unnamed Twitter application for Apple's device, he was offered to move under Microsoft's wing if he would "port his application to a Microsoft platform", with the assertion that "buckets of money" would be his compensation. The developer said that Microsoft's plans weren't clear at the time, but he's positive that it was for the Zune HD and not just Windows Mobile. And while Microsoft has been open about wanting to bring over developer's from Apple's App Store to develop for Windows Mobile, this is the first indication that they are taking the Zune HD seriously, especially for its media, interconnectivity, and entertainment potential.

Microsoft had recently filed for a trademark for the title OneApp, and has hinted more than once at the possibility of Windows Mobile and the Zune software could be combined in some way. It's possible, considering that both platforms are designed based on Windows CE, so there wouldn't be much of a change needed. And while it may not be bribing on Microsoft's part, considering that the "buckets of money" could have been referencing the idea that Zune HD will sell loads of devices, and the application would potentially bring in "buckets of money". But it sure seems like Microsoft is just about ready to do anything to get iPhone developers over to their side. And who could blame them? With what the Zune HD is capable of, giving it the strength of an application store would only make it that much better.

[via Electronista]