Microsoft President "wholeheartedly" supports Apple in FBI case

Another day, another new development in the encryption battle that's pitting Apple against the FBI. Earlier we saw comments from FBI Director James Comey on the situation. Namely, he didn't believe that the order given to Apple for this one instance will not open the door to future cases just like this one. Well now we're hearing that Apple is getting some help from an old rival.

Apple and Microsoft have a long history together. Most of it has been locked in bitter rivalry in desktop business. It's not often that you'll find the two rivals on the same side of a legal battle. In fact, the two companies have faced off in court over the GUI used in Windows and MacOS. However, it seems that the two see eye to eye on the stance of encryption.

Earlier today, Microsoft's President and Chief Legal Officer, Brat Smith announced that the company "wholeheartedly" supports Apple, and would be filing an amicus brief in support of Apple's position. He went on to further call for new legislation to balance user privacy and security.

This isn't the first time we've heard something out of Microsoft's camp. Earlier this week Bill Gates was first quoted as supporting the FBI, but later said that he was disappointed to learn that his statement had been taken out of context.

VIA: Engadget