Microsoft Pink Turtle Handset Caught in the Wild [video]

So, we just ran the whole SanDisk fiasco, and now it looks like the Turtle phone, which is the first of two handsets we should see this coming Monday. The video is super short, and it actually even includes a stock advertising image of the Turtle that leaked a month or so ago, but at least you get to see what the phone looks like plugged in, sitting next to a laptop, right?

Here's the strange part. Windows Mobile 7. That's what the author of the video calls the Operating System on the device, which they say that runs very smoothly. And it's also very responsive. And, from what we can tell, that's a good thing for any phone on the market. Unfortunately, the photo taker wasn't able to get any video, or take any more photos than the ones you see in the slideshow, but this is better than nothing, right?

What do you think of the way it looks? It's definitely round, no questioning that. And, depending on how the slide activates, this might be something that the teen demographic definitely takes hold of. On a personal note, though, we're more interested in seeing the Pure in action. Just three days to wait. Consider our interest piqued, Microsoft.

[via YouTube]