Microsoft Pink Confirmed by SanDisk

Here's a real quick, albeit pretty substantial leak from a company that should probably know better. Courtesy of PhoneScoop, SanDisk has spilled the beans on Microsoft's big upcoming project. If you'll recall, Verizon Wireless was last spotted teasing that something big was coming. And while there were all sorts of rumors swirling around which handsets could be included in that box thrown through a paper sheet. But, the general consensus was Project Pink from Microsoft. And, on top of that Microsoft gave us an invite to an event this coming Monday, April 12th. All the stars are lined up, and now we have a confirmation, that Pink is, indeed, the announcement.

So, what's Project Pink? Well, so far, it's two handsets: Pure and Turtle. We know that these handsets aren't Windows Phone 7-based, but something different. However, we do know that, from screenshots we've seen, that they do use the same tiled interface that we've seen before. Secondly, we know that Microsoft is pinning these handsets, which we assume are the two we've seen before, as social networking oriented handsets. Texting, messaging, and social networking sites being the main focus.

We'll have to wait to get any more details until Monday. It's not long to wait. Just a weekend. But, thanks to SanDisk, we know that the handsets will at least support MicroSD card slots, and they will be compatible with SanDisk's variations. So, that's good news. Anyone out there looking forward to seeing more Turtle and Pure action?

[via PhoneScoop]