Microsoft pays $50 million for exclusive GTA IV content

Microsoft is looking to edge out the PS3 as the console to go to for your Grand Theft Auto fix. How are they doing this, by shelling out $50 million of course.

That is the amount of cash that Microsoft may have paid to get exclusive downloadable content for the upcoming GTA IV game. Downloadable content is what really makes a game more fun when playing the second or third time around. If you give people the option of extra content, or no extra content, you know what they're going to choose.

With Microsoft coughing up that much cash for downloadable content, you have to wonder how much of that expense they will pass on to us? We all pretty much got raped on Guitar Hero II downloads, so how bad will these be?

Microsoft Pays $50 Million for Exclusive GTA IV Content: Nothing Like Throwing Money at a Problem [via crunchgear]