Microsoft patent app for sweet remote control surfaces

There are a bunch of tech inventions that most of us couldn't live without. Things like the mobile phones, the DVR, and the remote control. Back in the days before the remote control, you had to do the unthinkable, get up and walk across the room to change channels. Or do like my dad and make your kids change channels for you.

A patent application for a cool Microsoft touch sensitive dual sided remote control has surfaced. The remote has an accelerometer of some sort inside to sense which side of the remote is facing up. The buttons that are shown on the remote vary depending on which side is up.

Presumably, you could hold it one way to control the TV, another way to control the DVR, and another way to work the cable box. The downside to touch sensitive devices with no real buttons is that you have to look at them to hit the controls. Most of use learn where the physical buttons on our remote are after a while and can use it without looking.