Microsoft Outlook on Web finally gets Google Calendar integration

Microsoft's online email service Outlook on Web has been updated with support for integration with Google Calendar, according to the company, making it a little more useful for those who mostly rely on Google's ecosystem. The new feature is limited to Outlook work accounts at this time, which can now be linked with Google Calendars or a personal account for expanded functionality.

Microsoft announced the new features on Tuesday, making official the feature it first teased earlier this year. You'll need a Microsoft 365 account to take advantage of this new feature, assuming you also have an Outlook work account. This makes it easier to, among other things, arrange meetings using Outlook's Scheduling Assistant.

If someone attempts to schedule a meeting with you with the assistant, they'll see when you're available and when you're busy based on your linked Google Calendar. As well, Microsoft is nestling a miniature calendar in Outlook's messages on the Web. Apple users also get a new feature in the form of making tasks in messages, assuming they're using the Outlook iOS app.

Some Outlook web users previously saw this feature arrive and disappear as part of the testing Microsoft has been conducting for a few months. Among other things, Outlook on the website (and its mobile variant) is now offering up reply suggestions, plus users can now schedule email delivery.

Beyond that, Outlook's Android users can now join Webex and Zoom video parties using a single tap — a useful feature for the many people who aren't using Microsoft Teams, the company's own alternative to those remote working platforms. It's unclear when Microsoft plans to allow all users to link their Google Calendar accounts.