Microsoft On-Target to Hit 10 Million Xbox 360s

Benjamin Nied - Nov 9, 2006

True to their word, Microsoft has confirmed that they are on-target to reach the 10 million console mark for next-generation consoles by the end of the year, not hard considering the other two options are still a week or so away from launching. Whether or not this means that they’ll end up winning the next-generation war remains to be seen, as their assertion that “first one to 10 million wins” seems like a long-shot. However, with 10 million consoles worldwide, that means that the Xbox 360 should be the most plentiful next-gen console available this holiday season, meaning gamers unable to find a Wii or PS3 are likely to gravitate towards Microsoft’s White Box of Doom. And with Halo 3 right on the horizon for next year, it’s a good time to love your Xbox.

[via Gamepro]

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