Microsoft offers Surface Complete warranty for only $99

If you're considering purchasing a Microsoft Surface RT, or a Microsoft Surface Pro, you should also consider purchasing the 'Microsoft Complete for Surface' warranty to make sure your device is completely safe for at least another 2 years. Unlike the limited warranty you get when you purchase your Surface device, the complete warranty covers everything, and I mean everything, and only for a $99 price-tag.

Both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro are eligible for the 'Microsoft Complete for Surface' warranty, and it protects you from almost everything bad that can ever happen to your device. If your device is every dropped, submerged in liquids, or suffering from normal wear-and-tear, this warranty will cover you. If it suffers from dead pixels or defective hardware, such as a dead battery or malfunctioning connectivity port, you're covered.

For a device you're paying $500-$1000 for, you're going to want that thing lasts for a while. Considering a recent report from iFixit, the Microsoft Surface devices have a repairability rate of only 1 out of 10, making it the worst repairability score for any tablet out there. If you damage your Surface tablet, and you don't have a complete warranty for it... you're pretty much screwed.

One important note to consider is that the complete warranty is only available online, or through Microsoft's retail stores. If you purchase your Surface device from a Microsoft retail store, you have the option of purchasing the complete warranty in the same transaction as your Surface, or within 45 days of the transaction. The complete warranty may or  may  not be available if you purchase your device from another retailer, such as Best Buy.

[via Microsoft]