Microsoft offers details on Windows Phone Marketplace errors

Few things irritate technology users more than errors when trying to download or install software and updates. Last weekend an application called WhatsApp was removed from the Marketplace and then rereleased. Once that app was rereleased, many Windows Phone users started complaining that they were unable to install the update.

Rather than being able to install the update the users were greeted with the error message you see in the image above. Frustratingly, uninstalling the application and trying to reinstall a fresh version didn't get around the error. The error didn't happen for all users who tried to update the app and Microsoft is now offering a few details on the issue.

One good thing is that Microsoft has officially acknowledged that there is an issue. The bad news is that Microsoft doesn't yet know what is causing the problem. The issue likely has to do with problems with certificates for some new applications that were published in the Marketplace over the last week. That issue appears to affect applications that went through after the AppHub to DevCenter change for developers.

The issue also appears to effect only Windows Phone users who didn't have Mango from the get-go. That means the issue affects all Windows Phone users who upgraded to Mango. A few of the major apps having this issue include apps from the New York Times, Translator, and WhatsApp.

Microsoft is saying that users experiencing this issue shouldn't uninstall and try to reinstall apps that are affected because it will mean the app is unavailable until the issue is fixed. Microsoft also notes that there is a delay on the developer end getting apps approved due to the need to resolve the issue with bad certificates. Microsoft is holding up certifications to prevent more applications from having the issue with updates.

[via WPCentral]