Microsoft Offers App Migration Tool For iPhone to Windows Phone 7

In a bid to win over more developers, Microsoft is offering up a new app migration tool to make it easier to port over iOS apps to the Windows Phone 7 platform. The new API Mapping Tool lets iOS coders take programming calls and translate them to the equivalent classes, methods, and notification events in Windows Phone 7.

The API Mapping Tool is available with plenty of documentation, videos, and other resources to help guide along developers. The API works more like a dictionary that allows developers to pick out bits of code to be translated. Microsoft notes that there's "no magic wand that will do the work for you," but that the new API will make things less painstaking.

Currently, the three major categories that can be mapped with the tool are Network/Internet, User Interface, and Data Management. Not all parts are mappable at the moment, but Microsoft promises more APIs to be mapped soon. They also promise a similar tool to come for Android app migration.

[via ReadWriteWeb]