Microsoft may license Kinect to TV manufacturers

Next-gen television sets may have integrated Kinect motion-sensing technology. According to The Daily, sources familiar with the situation claim that Microsoft is considering licensing the technology to TV manufacturers. Specifically, the software giant is already in the early stages of licensing Kinect to manufacturers such as Vizio and Sony.

Currently, Kinect is only offered through a motion and voice sensing hardware that works with the Xbox 360 gaming console. The sources suggest that this move to license and integrate the technology into TVs is part of Microsoft's plans to aggressively push the Kinect technology into as many homes as possible, with or without an Xbox 360 gaming console.

Microsoft is already planning to release new Kinect hardware that's designed to be used with desktop PCs. This new Kinect for Windows will be optimized for PC scenarios such as by shortening the USB cable and tweaking the software so that the Kinect camera can perceive depth at shorter distances. The company has also begun a Kinect Accelerator program to more rapidly advance the technology.

[via ZDNet]