Microsoft Lumia 730's Selfie-Ness Teased Once More

Just counting down days to IFA 2014, Microsoft once again lets out a teaser to remind the tech world that not just Android phones but a Lumia one will be coming as well. And, just as some recent digital camera makers have been trying lately, the Lumia 730 seems to be designed to pander to one growing niche: the obsessive selfie photographer.

Last month, Microsoft let out a teaser that simply talked about some more face time, hinting at the device's front-facing camera which can be used not just for taking selfies but also for some video chats (what citizens of Apple's world also call Face Time). This time, the connection with selfies is a bit more evident, with people taking that stereotypical pose.

That said, we can't be sure if this was taken with the Lumia 730's rear camera or its front camera, the latter expected to sport a 5-megapixel sensor. Not as high as the rear shooter, of course, but still one of the higher ones around. If true, this smartphone is definitely built for selfies, an often viral crowd that Microsoft might be aiming to please to increase the appeal of its Windows Phone offering.

The rest of the device's specs aren't exactly known, aside for a 4.7-inch screen whose pixel count remains a mystery as well. Like other recent Lumia models before it, the Lumia 730 is also expected to come in two models, a dual SIM 730 and a single SIM LTE 735. Exact color options aren't known yet, but based on a previous leaked photo plus these two Microsoft teasers, we can at least expect some shades of green and orange.

IFA 2014 will also see the unveiling of the Lumia 830, rumored to be one of the first to sport a "by Microsoft Mobile" branding instead or in addition to the old Nokia name. Judging from photos of the device that came by a Brazilian certification board, the Lumia 830 might also sport some sort of PureView camera, so avid mobile photographers might want to keep an eye out for this one.

VIA: The Verge