Microsoft Looks For New Windows Phone 8 Employee To Work On Out-Of-Box Experience

If you are a geek looking for a new job Microsoft is on the lookout for someone to join its Windows Phone 8 team. The job listing is searching for a worker for the Consumer eXperience team also known as ConX. The worker will be involved with "stirring up" the out of box experience for Windows Phone 8 including building and improving on the look and feel of the OS.

At this point with Windows Phone Mango still not on the market, we don't have a lot of detail on Windows Phone 8. The mobile OS is supposed to be some sort of unification of Windows for computers and Windows Phone according to rumors. The code name for WP8 right now is Apollo and the hope is that more details come soon when the BUILD conference kicks off next month.

The only thing we know for sure right now about WP8 is that Andy Lees, the president of Windows Phone division has promised that there will be one ecosystem for phones and PCs. Lees offered that tidbit at Microsoft's worldwide Partner Conference last month.

Lees said, "It's not that this is about replacing the PC, and that's why our strategy is that these new form factors are within a single ecosystem and not new ecosystems themselves."

[via WinRumors]