Microsoft looking for programmer to help bring Skype to Windows Phone 7

We all knew when Microsoft purchased Skype that we would see the video calling service coming to more Microsoft products, specifically Windows Phone 7 smartphones. Microsoft is gearing up and looking for a new developer to help with the task of porting Skype over to the WP7 platform and to optimize what it is calling the Skype Video Engine.

The ad also notes that the new worker will be responsible for working with a small team of testing pros that deliver a new release of the Skype Video Engine every two months. It sounds like a busy job to me. I think we all know that WP7 isn't the only place we will see Skype integrated.

We can expect the video calling service to eventually get integrated into the Xbox and just about anything else that Microsoft can come up with. The photo up above is the actual Skype Careers job posting that is online.

[via WPCentral]