Microsoft looking for an engineer to help with top secret project

Sometimes the job listing that big companies post like Microsoft and others can give hints of what the company is working on. Often they start looking for key employees and engineers for specific functions before a project gets underway. A recent job listing from Microsoft that tipped up over the weekend is looking for an engineer.

The engineer is for a "top secret" project that the Windows Phone 7 team is working on. What is that project? The job listing doesn't say, but the listing notes that the project is a v1 feature set with planning for the features to be complete in the next month. The listing for the job states that the mission of the project is to "GO BIG! DISRUPT THE MARKET!" WinRumors reports that the listing appears to be government and security related.

I wonder what the project is Microsoft is working on. What do you think? Does a job listing for a position supposedly centering on security and government sound like something that will disrupt the market to you? The job listing is below.

Wish you were part of a team whose charter is to create experiences our customers simply can't live without? Are you excited when you see a user experience that delights customers? We are a team working on a top secret project inside the Windows Phone division. Our mission...GO BIG! DISRUPT THE MARKET!

We can't give you many details on this JD, but I can assure you we have a passionate group of engineers charged and ready to take on the challenge. It's a v1 feature set and we are completing planning in 1 month, so timing is perfect. We are looking for an experienced SDET to play the role of product line customer advocate. In this role you would be on point to work with product planning, design, UX research and the feature team to glue pieces of feature together and build delighting user experiences. As an experienced SDET you will be guiding the team towards the key set of scenarios and technologies we should be using to innovate and go beyond the typical feature testing.

Come make our product sing to customers! It's a chance to see your work showcased by millions of customers for years to come!

[via WinRumors]