Microsoft Limits Chipmakers To One Tablet Maker

Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet OS will be getting demoed this week by Windows chief Steven Sinofsky at the D9 Conference already underway. But future tablet manufacturers, such as Acer, have been complaining about Microsoft's "troublesome" restrictions when it comes to the whole process. Now, we may know a bit more what the fuss is about.

Three insider sources familiar with Microsoft's plans, revealed that the software giant is asking its chipmakers for the next-gen Windows tablet OS to work with no more than one computer manufacturer. Chipmakers and computer makers that abide to those terms get special incentives from Microsoft, which may include features that ensure the device runs better or can be priced lower.

Complaints abound because such terms could limit chipmakers from having their products featured in a range of devices. Also, computer makers whose designs are not chosen, could be left behind without another option for a chipmaker.

For Microsoft, this may be its strategy to speed up delivery of its new Windows tablets by maintaining stricter control over its partners. The terms are not mandatory, but it could certainly inhibit computer and chip makers from pushing out a good range of Windows tablets.

[via Bloomberg]