Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9 Mobile Test Drive

If you want to see how your website will look in Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 mobile browser, then you can now do so with a new Mobile Test Drive site. Microsoft has just launched the tool so that developers can make sure their sites mesh with the new browser that's set to launch with the upcoming Windows Phone 7.1 Mango update.

The Mobile Test Drive site will work similar to the Internet Explorer 9 desktop version test drive site where various development samples will be published to highlight features and capabilities. Both the desktop and mobile versions of Internet Explorer 9 use the same core rendering engines and adhere to the concept of "same markup," but the Microsoft team felt it was important to demonstrate how to optimize content for differences in screen size and device capabilities.

Additional samples will be posted to the site over the coming months leading up to the Windows Phone Mango release. But to start things off, the first 15 samples that will be available on the Mobile Test Drive will be:

- Audio Player (from MIX11)

- Geolocation

- Border Radius

- DOM Local Storage

- Scalable Vector Graphics

- CSS3 Media Queries

- DOMContentLoaded

- FishIE Tank

- Speed Reading (from MIX11)

- Animated Text

- HamsterDance Revolution

- Business Charts

- IE Logo

- Video Panorama

- Browser Control Theming

[via Windows Team Blog]