Microsoft launches campaign of epic douchebaggery

This is just plain crazy and any legislator that votes for Microsoft in this quest deserves to be ousted in the next elections. Microsoft is on a campaign to make it illegal for companies inside the US to buy from overseas firms that use unauthorized software. That might not sound that bad at first glance.

Once you get into the details of what Microsoft wants to do the audacity of the plan comes into plain view. Microsoft wants to be able to sue American firms for buying from these companies. So this is how it would work. If Ford buys a washer from a firm in China that Microsoft establishes is using unauthorized software, Microsoft wants to be able to sue Ford.

The real rub is that the law might actually pass and is in fact already in place in Louisiana and may even be passed in Washington. At the core, this will put the burden of policing pirated software on all companies that buy from overseas or they could face fines. Exactly how a company in the US is supposed to know that a supplier in China uses pirated software isn't made clear.

[via TEchDirt]