Microsoft Kinect Getting Showcased at 13 Macy Stores

Evan Selleck - Jul 9, 2010
Microsoft Kinect Getting Showcased at 13 Macy Stores

Microsoft’s bet in the motion-based gaming market is resting squarely on the shoulders of Kinect. Formerly known as Project Natal, the camera-based video game peripheral brings a ton of new features to the Xbox 360, including new ways to navigate through the 360’s Dashboard. That’s not including the plethora of new titles that are going to hit the console’s already impressive line-up. But, as it stands, not many people have managed to actually play with the Kinect. For that matter, even see it in person. Thanks to an agreement with Macy’s, you now have a better shot than ever before to get yourself some play time.

The first thing that should be mentioned here, is that this isn’t the Kinect’s first romp through the public sector. No — when Kinect shows up in Macy’s stores on July 15th, this won’t be the Kinect’s first public appearance. It’s actually playable right now in Microsoft Stores across the nation. The trouble is, there’s only four of those right now . . . So, obviously you can tell why that may have gone under the radar.

The Kinect is going to be launched in 13 Macy’s stores, but as of right now the locations of those stores have yet to be announced. And yes, while showing off Kinect in Macy’s not make sense right off the bat, remember that Kinect has to be marketed to everyone, as it’s (at least in Microsoft’s eyes) a platform for both hardcore games, as well as the “casual” sort. So getting all of those families some hands-on time with the new system would do them some good.

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