Microsoft KIN Two Gets the Tear Down Treatment

Evan Selleck - May 18, 2010
Microsoft KIN Two Gets the Tear Down Treatment

There’s no surprise that the KIN Two, of the newly formed KIN lineage, is getting the tear down treatment. It’s a new gadget, of course. So, does this tear down get to the dirty details of what makes the KIN Two tick? Are there any bombshells waiting in the deep dark sections? You’ll just have to read on after the break to find out.

The tear down comes courtesy of Chipworks, and we’ll be honest: the only real shocking thing they found inside the KIN Two, is the image sensor, manufactured from Sony. But, we imagine if you think about that long enough, it isn’t all that surprising after all. Other items inside the KIN Two meet the standard for cellphones and their ilk: processors from Qualcomm; cellular chips from Texas Instruments; and power chips from Avago. There’s also memory chips from Samsung, Hynix, and Numonyx.

Shockingly enough, though, Chipworks seemed to not be able to find the NVIDIA Tegra processor powering the KIN Two device. But they did find it, thankfully. Just buried under several other chips. In the end, it’s just another tear down, and while we wished we could have found something a lot more mind boggling inside, we’re just happy to know that the device works at all, and has some good pieces of tech under the hood.

[via CNET]

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