Microsoft is set to air new Windows Phone 7 Time Trials commercials online

You might recall the Laptop Hunter commercials that Microsoft aired on TV back when Vista was the new OS it was pushing, the commercials had normal people shopping for a notebook and pocketing money left over when they couldn't afford a Mac. A new spat of commercials is set to air online that are in the same vein as those Laptop Hunter ads only these will be for Windows Phone 7 and will air online.

The new commercial series is called real time trials and will pit Windows Phone 7 devices against rival phones for completing tasks. Apparently, the commercials will air on larger websites in the coming months with no specific time frame on when they will air. Draft copies of the ads showed up online and in the real ads the "your phone" bit will be replaced with another device.

The commercials will pit WinPo 7 devices against the other smartphones for things like checking Xbox achievements, getting directions home, and telling coworkers, you are late. Once the task is done by the WinPo 7 user in the commercial they will make fun use of the time it takes the other device to catch up, balloon animals FTW!

Via Winrumors