Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Possibly Coming March 24th

At next month's Tech.Ed India 2011 from March 23rd-25th, Microsoft's general manager of Windows Live and Internet Explorer, Brian Hall, will be giving a keynote speech on the 24th. Microsoft's Internet Explorer could have its formal introduction there as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently stated in February that IE9 is expected within the next month and that "it will be the best browser...that you've ever used" and a "great piece of work."

Brian Hall has been with Microsoft since 1995 and ran the worldwide launch of Windows XP and previously worked as a product manager of Windows 95, Windows 98, and Internet Explorer 3 through Internet Explorer 5. Internet Explorer is still the world's most popular web browser and Microsoft said Tuesday that 36 million copies of IE 9 beta since its release in September. The final milestone was launched on February 10th.

The biggest addition with the newest iteration of Internet Explorer is the Tracking Protection feature. It will give users the ability to block different ways of being tracked on the web including cookies, web beacons, trackers, and advertisements. The user can now also block ActiveX controls with "ActiveX filter". The filter lets the user turn off the ActiveX while browsing.

With Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox bearing down on Internet Explorer, Microsoft is facing some stiff competition. You won't find many people using Internet Explorer if they have one of those other options to use. Microsoft needs Internet Explorer to reclaim some of the market if it hopes to stem Chrome and Firefox from snatching up more users.

[via WinRumors]