Microsoft in hot water over "Vista Capable" stickers

The Wow is not now. At least not for customers that purchased a "Vista Capable" machine only to discover that it really meant "Vista Home Basic Capable." One customer has even gone to the lengths of starting a class-action lawsuit over the matter.

The suit is claiming that the stickers stating the machines were capable of running Vista gave no indication that it would only be guaranteed to run Home Basic. They would not however, be able to run Home Premium, which has many of the features that users are accustomed to seeing on Microsoft's advertisements such as Aero.

Microsoft claims that they covered themselves by also releasing "Vista Premium Ready" stickers that indicate which PC's will be able to handle the advanced features of the Premium versions of their latest OS. I can honestly say that when I first saw the stickers I wondered how long it would take for someone to raise a stink about it. I just feel bad for the people selling PC's in a retail environment. They're usually the ones getting the grief for these sorts of things.

Microsoft's 'Vista Capable' marketing deceptive? [via electronista]