Microsoft HoloLens streams Halo 5 from Xbox One

Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality headset continues to get more and more interesting; just recently we saw it used in interactive car shopping, now we're seeing it used to stream Halo 5 gameplay from an Xbox One. The company seems to be letting HoloLens developers share short clips of the headset in action on Twitter under the hashtag #MadeWithHoloLens, and program manager Varun Mani may have the most impressive of all, with a 30-second peek at Halo 5 running on a virtual screen on his living room wall.

It's not exactly clear how the Microsoft employee captured the footage with a full field of view, but gameplay of the first-person shooter is clear, with no flickering or other distortion. The field of view is surprisingly wide, and there's no cut-off edges as the screen seems to appear from nowhere.

Microsoft has made it clear it already has plans to use the HoloLens for gaming experiences. When the headset was officially unveiled, a Minecraft-like game was shown off during one of the demonstrations, and the Xbox One is already set to stream gameplay to the Oculus Rift VR headset when it launches next year, so HoloLens integration would be a logical next step.

The HoloLens is set to be available to developers starting early next year at a price of $3,000. Aside from the Halo 5 clip, other Microsoft developers have shared footage of Candy Crush gameplay, as well as Netflix streaming from a virtual Edge browser window.

SOURCE Varun Mani/YouTube