Microsoft hits 100 million Windows 8 licenses sold milestone, says to expect Blue

Microsoft has published its latest interview with Tami Reller, this one coming at about the 6-month point from Windows 8's launch. Like the last interview, this one covers Windows 8 and what's going on with it, and while the entire conversation is a good read, there are two glaring facts that stand out: Microsoft has hit the 100 million Windows 8 licenses sold milestone, and likewise has confirmed that Windows Blue will be arriving this year.

Says Reller in the interview, Microsoft has just recently sold its 100 millionth Windows 8 lincese (and since surpassed that number), saying the number represents both PC/tablet licenses and upgrades. To give an idea of the sales rate, the number of licenses sold sat at about 60 million back in January of this year. Following in line with this, certified devices have also increased to 2400.

And then, of course, there's Windows Blue, which we saw a leak of back in March. Blue is an update said to bring new features and other improvements to Windows 8, having been the source of much speculation over the course of many weeks. When asked about the update, Reller confirmed that it will be rolling out "later this year," saying that it'll bring something to the table for just about everyone – features for companies and consumers and the community that has been providing ample feedback for months now.

There was also some discussion about the PC market in general, in particular its rumored impending demise. Microsoft doesn't see it that way, saying that "the PC is very much alive and increasingly mobile," to which Reller says Windows 8 is tailored, specifically mentioning convertible laptops, notebooks with touchscreens, and other related devices. Rounding out the interview is a brief note on the Windows Store, with apps increasing 6-fold since launch. SkyDrive, likewise, has since growth, scoring 250 million users.

[via Microsoft]