Microsoft hiring for Retail Stores

Indecently enthused by Microsoft products great and small?  Reckon you've got the sales patter to tempt people away from that alluring Apple purchase, along with the technical skills to differentiate between a Winsock error and a dodgy stick of RAM?  Then Microsoft (might) want you for their new retail stores: the company has begun advertising for sales representatives for their Scottsdale, AZ and Mission Vieja, CA locations.

"We're looking for new store employees who love technology and teaching and helping others. In particular, we're looking for people with technical backgrounds who can help customers choose the best Microsoft products and services for their needs and troubleshoot any technical issue they may have. You can find our information at This is a special page set up just for the current store openings in partnership an outside firm who is recruiting on behalf of Microsoft. Store employees will work directly for Microsoft." Microsoft JobsBlog

Positions range from assistant store manager through full- and part-time customer service associates, to inventory and sales associates.  There are also roles for retail technical advisors and trainers, who will presumably be doing the work of Apple's Genius Bar but under a banner of a gurning Steve Ballmer.

Full information is available from, and we reckon in this economy there'll be a fair few geeks willing to put aside any minor platform leanings they might have to go work for Redmond.  More locations are promised in the not-too-distant future.

[via Ars - Thanks Arnie!]