Microsoft HereHere maps NYC complaints

Building upon the Project Sentient Data, Microsoft's FUSE Labs has introduced HereHere for New York City, which aggregates neighborhood complaints and presents them daily with fun little cartoons. The mapping effort serves to visualize information in an easily digestible way.

HereHere NYC officially launched today, and comes with Twitter accounts for each neighborhood that has daily data. Users can follow the Twitter account for their own neighborhood, and can also tweet what their region's daily "word" is. There's also a mobile friendly version, allowing for ease-of-use.

All of the data is public, gathered from New York City's 311 line for non-emergency calls, as well as text-based contact. The data for each location is aggregated and analyzed, and the end result is a daily summary on HereHere that gives a general idea of how the neighborhood has reacted to a situation.

Said HereHere's Kati London, "HereHere NYC introduces daily neighborhood engagement with a light touch. It takes neighborhood-specific public data, and it enables the neighborhoods to communicate how they're doing—expressed through text and cartoon-like icons. People can receive the information via a daily email digest, neighborhood-specific Twitter feeds, or status updates on an online map. We want to understand how it changes or impacts the way people relate to their community when they can interact with data in this way."

SOURCE: Microsoft