Microsoft has more Xbox Series X stock, but only for Xbox Insiders

Back at the beginning of May, Microsoft revealed its Console Purchase Pilot program as a way to combat the frenzy associated with restocks and allow people the chance to actually buy an in-demand Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. The Console Purchase Pilot program is only available to Xbox Insiders and is something like a lottery where those Insiders are randomly selected to buy a console. After closing the program for a period of time, Microsoft announced today that it has been re-opened.

So, if you've been having a tough time getting your hands on one of Microsoft's new consoles, the Console Purchase Pilot could be the way to do it. For the moment, the Console Purchase Pilot is only available to Xbox Insiders in the US. The program is open to Xbox Insiders both on Xbox One and Windows 10, so it sounds like you don't need an Xbox One to sign up.

If you're interested in potentially buying an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you'll need to hop into the Xbox Insider Hub and sign up for the Console Purchase Pilot through there. Good news if you signed up last time and weren't selected: Microsoft says that you've already opted into this round and won't need to do anything for the chance to be selected again.

As that statement suggests, not everyone who joins the Console Purchase Pilot will be selected to buy a console, but what's encouraging on that front is that Microsoft seems to be releasing new stock specifically for Xbox Insiders in batches every couple of weeks.

The Console Purchase Pilot could be the only way to snag one of these consoles – specifically an Xbox Series X – as global chip shortages and high demands mean that stock through normal retailers is thin. With no indication that the chip shortage is going to clear up anytime soon, the Console Purchase Pilot is proving the be very useful indeed. If you're an Xbox Insider, be sure to jump into the Insider Hub and opt into the Console Purchase Pilot for a chance to buy an Xbox Series X.