Microsoft has acquired N-Trig, brings Surface stylus tech in-house

Microsoft has announced their acquisition of long-time partner N-Trig, who they've leaned on for technology in their Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 styli. We first heard Microsoft had acquired the Israeli company in February, but nothing official materialized on the acquisition front. Now we have it straight from Microsoft, though that's really all we do know. There's been no word of a purchase price or terms, but Microsoft already owned 6% of N-Trig through a 2009 investment.

All Microsoft will say is "Today we are excited to have acquired advanced digital pen technology from N-trig Ltd., with whom we've partnered closely for several years."

We don't know if N-Trig will roll into Microsoft, or if they'll just remain an independently operating subsidiary. N-Trig has roughly 200 employees based in Israel. Moving a team of that size to Redmond, Washington would be a feat.

So why N-Trig? Microsoft says the end-goal is a stylus-and-screen scenario that acts just like pen-and-paper. They think N-Trig can get them there, and if Surface styli are any indication, we're inclined to agree.

Now that N-Trig is officially under Microsoft's wing, we'd expect some interesting new features. We know Microsoft loves to tinker, and their innovations are typically ones we'd love to see ASAP. What they've already accomplished with the stylus is impressive; we can hardly wait for what's next.

Source: Microsoft