Microsoft gaming helmet revealed in patent

It wasn't too long ago that we learned Google were working on special glasses that would bring smartphone like functionality to your eyes. Most notably, Google were aiming to heavily feature augmented reality, overlaying information onto the real world as you wear the glasses. Now a patent reveals that Microsoft may be working on similar concepts: one designed to be a gaming helmet, with another posing as a pair of sunglasses to be used with a smartphone.Patent Bolt have discovered Microsoft's patent that lays out a display system worked into goggles, glasses, and a helmet, designed to display two different images simultaneously. However, the human eye can't focus on such a close image, requiring a system that would display the images as if they were further away from the eye.

Microsoft's proposal is to utilize a pair of laser beams, acting as projectors, which would correctly display the images. Since the projectors beam the image directly in front of the user's eyes, the glasses (or helmet) are designed specifically to be the correct distance.

The devices wouldn't just be used for displaying video, or a virtual reality: the projectors could feasibly be transparent, allowing the viewer to continue seeing the world around them. Given the patent, Microsoft could potentially build a device that would augment games and add more depth to the experience. Take the helmet, for example: imagine wearing it during a flight combat game, with a HUD being displayed on the helmet, while the main action is happening on your television.