Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support confirmed as a holiday gift

Here's some good news for fans of the most recent Microsoft Flight Simulator: VR support is going to be arriving in the game by the end of the year. We knew VR support was on the way to Flight Simulator, but up until now, we didn't have a launch date. Now, not only do we have a launch date, but we also know that VR support will extend to all VR headsets.

That's a fairly big deal, because at first, Microsoft and developer Asobo Studio were planning to make VR a timed exclusive for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. In a recent Q&A session that was livestreamed on Twitch, Asobo executive producer Martial Bossard confirmed that VR support will indeed be available for a much wider range of headsets than original anticipated.

"We are going to open the VR for everyone," Bossard said, saying that both the sim experience and the menus in the game will work in the VR mode – meaning that players will be able to leave their headsets on the entire time they're playing the game. "It will also be open to all devices, including the Oculus family, Valve family, really every family of headset are going to be supported there." We can expect to see VR support go live in Sim Update 2, which is landing on December 22nd.

Then, on January 26th, we'll see Asobo and Microsoft ship World Update 3, which will center on the UK. Like the recent World Update that focused on the United States, this world update will enhance the flying experience over the UK by adding new landmarks and points of interest. There will be new challenges to complete too, just like there were in World Update 2.

So, if you're a Flight Simulator player, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming months. We'll likely get a more complete picture of Flight Simulator's VR support as we close in on that December 22nd release date, so we'll let you know when Microsoft and Asobo share more about it and World Update 3.