Microsoft eVouse mouse/pen design concept is too cool for MS

Microsoft has some interesting peripherals in its lineup. The company was the first to offer a gaming keyboard with a number pad that could be moved to either side of the keyboard. That was a cool innovation, but for the most part the designs that Microsoft comes up with are usually a bit boring to me.

A very cool new design concept has turned up over at Yanko Design that has the Microsoft name on the side, but the thing is clearly too cool for Microsoft. The concept is called the eVouse and is a convergence of a mouse and a digital pen. The "V" shaped design can be used as a standard mouse for navigating your computer.

The buttons and scroll are touch sensitive and light green when pressed. When it comes time to work in design software the user can pick the concept up and hold one of its sides like a pen and write or draw with the point of the eVouse. The design is cool, but it doesn't look like the most comfortable thing to use as a normal mouse.