Microsoft enticing iOS developers to build apps for Windows

Both iOS and Android have a ton of apps to choose from — over 700,000 each, to be exact. However, Windows 8 and Windows RT aren't quite there yet as far as having a rounded out app store. The Windows Store only has 100,000 apps available so far, but Microsoft is working hard to raise that number, to the point where they're wooing iOS developers to build Windows apps.

According to MIT's Technology Review, Microsoft invited a select group of iOS developers to the company's headquarters to talk Windows apps. During the two-day meeting, Microsoft execs outlined how developers could create apps that meshed with its software for Windows PCs and tablets, and encouraged them to produce versions of their apps for the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft hosted multiple development sessions over the two days in order to give developers a better grasp on how to make apps for the Windows Store. A Windows developer answered questions on stage, such as questions relating to design style, and the dos and don'ts to what developers can do with their Windows apps as far as functionality.

Some of the developers in attendance applauded Microsoft's professionalism and the bold look of the new Windows platform. However, others questioned Microsoft's decision to use one operating software for PCs, phones, and tablets, saying that writing apps for PCs, tablets, and smartphones is a "nightmare." A lot of developers, though, turned out to be interested in making apps for Windows, especially since the Windows Store isn't as clogged up as the iTunes App Store or Google Play store. It'll only be a matter of time before we find out if Microsoft's hard work is paying off.

[via Technology Review]