Microsoft entices Windows Phone developers with more payout options

Microsoft is continuing to try and entice developers to develop apps for its Windows Phone 8 platform, and this time around, they are bringing new features and statistics to better support their persuasion. It touts an increasing market share (albeit by only 2%) as one of its major selling points, as well as an increased number of first time smartphone buyers opting for the Windows Phone 8 platform (debatable).

According to Microsoft, since the launch of Windows Phone 8, there has been twice as many app downloads from the Windows Phone store, and a 140% increase in paid app revenue for developers. It says that with around half of the world still using feature phones, Windows Phone is anticipating a huge growth in its market later on this year. However, Microsoft may have forgotten that many of those feature phone users may opt to purchase an iPhone or an Android phone instead.

There are also 6 new developer payout markets available, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Montenegro, Serbia, Timor-Leste, and Ukraine, allowing developers in those markets to submit apps to the Windows Phone Store. These new markets increase the number of Windows Phone markets to 191. Microsoft has also added 15 new mobile operator billing partners, bringing 25 supported partners to 19 markets. According to Microsoft, mobile operator billing allows developers to earn 3 times more per app compared to the standard credit card system.

Microsoft has also made submitting apps much easier. Developers can cancel their apps submissions, enable rotating screenshots, and automatically resize their screenshots. They are also allowed to review their app before submitting them. Microsoft also points out that there are several Windows Phone 8 devices on the market right now, and many more on their way, and because of their budget-friendly pricing, consumers may opt to purchase them over competing brands.

While Microsoft may have oversold its Windows Phone market share and attractability a bit, the new payout features may be enough to persuade developers to create apps for the Windows Store. Be sure to check out our review of some of the best Windows Phone 8 devices on the market right now, the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X, to see what the Windows Phone platform has to offer.

[via Windows Phone Blog]