Microsoft Edge is the latest browser to get leaked passwords warning

Microsoft is adding a new Edge feature that will be familiar to Chrome and select other browser users: an alert when your password is compromised. Called Password Monitor, the security feature is designed to alert users when their password has been discovered as the result of a third-party breach, such as from an old forum you used to post on that was later compromised.

According to Microsoft, Edge's new Password Monitor won't reveal your password to Microsoft as part of the alert. No one, including third-parties, will be made aware of the passwords the user enters. This is made possible, according to the company, using innovations from its Microsoft Research division,

Checking for leaked passwords is a way to ensure you don't continue using one that has been compromised. This sort of security issue usually happens when you've previously used the password with a service that experienced a data breach, resulting in user information being leaked on the dark web or other corners of the Internet.

When the browser detects that your password has been compromised in this way, it will issue a warning when you enter the password, letting you know that it is time to change it in order to keep your accounts secure. A similar feature is also available on Google's Chrome browser.

There are other tools also available to determine whether your log-in credentials have been compromised at some point — the most popular option is arguably 'Have I Been Pwned?' If you're interested in the security tech that powers Microsoft's new feature, head over to its research blog for more info.