Microsoft Earn unmasked: tech rewards for normal purchases

Microsoft seems to have the worst kept secret test products lately, especially under the prying eyes of leak source h0x0d. A few of the company's upcoming apps, particularly for Android, have already made rounds over the Internet, and now a new type of product has once again been revealed. Actually more of a rewards program than an actual product. Microsoft Earn is what it's called and, like the name suggests, it lets you earn reward points for later use in Microsoft store purchases. The difference? You don't actually need to make Microsoft store purchases.

Rewards for tech purchases that don't require you to actually make tech purchases. That's definitely an unusual tactic, though it can very well be a smart one. Imagine simply buying something from 7 Eleven or Papa John's using your Visa or MasterCard plastic and earning credits to be used for future Microsoft purchases, whether they be hardware or software. Considering how many in the US are tethered to their credit cards, that's almost a done deal.

Earn demonstrates Microsoft's growing aggressiveness in making its brand more visible and more relevant to consumers. It is increasing the number of its retail stores, for example, establishing its first ever stronghold in Asia-Pacific, opening up shop soon in Sydney, Australia. This Earn program could make consumers aware that Microsoft even has these stores in the first place. Of course, to other, it might look like desperation to get people into its stores.

For now, Micorosft Earn seems to be in a very limited beta testing phase requiring interested rewards earners to sign up to get invited. But even if you get in, Earn's reach is still very limited, available only in stores in three states: Arizona, Massachusetts, and Washington.

VIA: VentureBeat