Microsoft drops price on Surface Duo as foldable gets international launch

It's already been a fairly big week for the Surface Duo, as the dual-screen Android device saw its price drop significantly at places like Best Buy and Amazon. Next week will be an even bigger one for the Surface Duo, as Microsoft has confirmed that it'll finally be launching internationally. The Surface Duo is heading to a number of new countries next week, and here in the US, it looks like Microsoft has decided on its own price drop for the device.

According to The Verge, the Surface Duo will be headed to the UK, France, Germany, and Canada on February 18th. In the UK, consumers can expect the Surface Duo to start at £1,349 (around US $1,864), which is quite a bit more expensive than here in the US. In Germany, the device will cost €1,549 (US $1879), and though The Verge doesn't say how much it'll cost in France and Canada, we can probably expect pricing similar to Germany's in the former country.

This is the first international release for the Surface Duo, and it's one that Microsoft previously told us about at the end of last year. At the time, Microsoft didn't indicate if the Surface Duo would spread to other countries beyond the UK, Germany, France, and Canada, so we're venturing into uncharted waters in regards to the device's future availability.

In any case, taking a swing by the Microsoft Store will show that the big M has also implemented its own Surface Duo price drop. This mirrors the price drop we saw earlier this week at Best Buy and Amazon, with Microsoft shaving $400 off the cost of the device. That means the 128GB model is down to $999.99, while the 256GB model will run you $1,099.99.

There's no telling if this price drop is a permanent one, but we're going to assume that it isn't. So, if you've been eyeing the Surface Duo but didn't want to take the plunge because of the cost, then this is probably the time to buy.