Microsoft coy on Windows 8 release specifics

It's interesting that as important has Windows 8 is to Microsoft, the company is being rather coy with specifics on where the operating system is right now build wise and a firm release date. That has left many people wondering if Microsoft is done with Windows 8 at this point. When it comes to operating systems, done can mean either release to manufacturing (RTM) or made available generally.

Microsoft has stated in the past that we shouldn't assume Windows 8 would follow the same cadence that Windows 7 used. Apparently, there have been some additional private builds of Windows 8 that made it outside the company to a select few. However, since the Release Candidate was made available at the end of May there have been no more public test builds available. In fact, there are no more public builds scheduled until Windows 8 goes RTM.

We still have some time to wait before Windows 8 is available publicly even after it hits the RTM stage. After the operating system goes RTM, it would head to computer manufacturers who will have to ensure their hardware and systems are compatible before launching machines. The operating system will also have to be installed on the computers, but I suspect that won't take too long. I think Microsoft and computer makers alike are eager to get the operating system into the hands of public users. The expectation is many people have been waiting for Windows 8 to be available before upgrading. While we still have no confirmed official date, October is still when the operating system is expected.

[via ZDNet]