Microsoft confirms they have no plans for digital game trade-ins

Over the weekend, Microsoft teased gamers by posing a simple question to them. They asked how people would feel if they could "sell back" digital copies of games in exchange for a credit of 10% of the purchase price that was paid for them. While there were mixed reactions to the question, Microsoft has responded to their own question.

Thanks to a tweet from Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, we now know that Microsoft isn't currently planning to offer any sort of buyback program for digital titles. They're merely using the survey to "understand the needs of our fans." Of course, if the fans say that they want to sell back their digital games when they're done, maybe Microsoft will actually offer it at some point.

Personally, I think that the idea is a good one. Sure, there are some games that I'm going to want to keep playing, and thus I wouldn't want to sell back for a measly 10%. In fact, most digital games I own would be worth more to me just hanging out in my library, instead of getting a few bucks in my account.

What I like about the idea is the choice. The used game market it huge, but only for physical games. Sure, GameStop might not give you a lot of cash for your old games, but at least you have the option with physical discs. Giving that same sort of option for digital titles might encourage more people to start purchasing digital games, rather than the physical copies in the future.

VIA: Destructoid